28th General Assembly of EEA

Dear Members,

The Executive Committee (EC) of EEA has decided the 28th General Assembly (GA) of EEA to be organized on November 6, 2021.

As usual, the 28th GA of EEA will discuss and approve External Audit Report, Performance Report for the 2020/21 and Plan for 2021/22, and elect Executive Committee Members, among other agenda to be set.

As per the provisions of EEA’s Bylaw article 7 sub articles 7.1 b, the EC requests all EEA members to send their nominees in place of the following members of the Executive Committee who have finished their terms of office:

  1. Ato Fantahune Belew, V/President, served for one term and thus can be nominated for another one additional term; and
  2. W/ro Etalem Engida, EC Member, served for three successive terms at different times.

Therefore, the EC strongly urge all members of the Association to send their nominees for a Vice President and one EC Member via
email membersservice@eea-et.org

The deadline for submitting nominations is October 17, 2021.

NoEC positionName of Nominees
1Vice President
2EC Member


Ethiopian Economics Association

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