Applied Welfare Analysis with DASP

Description: This training is intended to equip trainees with the quantitative analysis of poverty and inequality using Distributive Analysis STATA Package (DASP).

Content: The training will cover the following topics:

Topic 1: The basic concepts of poverty and inequality

Topic 2: Measures and indicators of poverty and inequality

Topic 3: Dimensions and indicators of poverty and inequality

Topic 4: Manipulation and management of data for poverty and inequality with DASP;

Topic 5: Estimation of alternative indices of poverty and inequality.

Topic 6: Decomposition of total poverty and inequality indices to population subgroups and other constituent parts.

Topic 7: Producing various poverty and inequality curves and distributional tools.

Topic 8: Interpretation of DASP software outputs.

Target Group: The training is suited to researchers, academia, finance professionals, policy makers, and students.

Requirements: A minimum of BA/BSc degree in economics and related discipline. In addition,basic understanding in using STATA software package; andexposure on welfare analysis is a plus. The trainees should bring personal laptop computer.

Duration of the Training: Five days

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