Corporate Finance and Governance

Description: Corporate finance and governance to the system through which corporations are financed, directed, staffed and controlled. Governance structure of the institutions specifies the distribution of rights and responsibilities among different participants in the corporation and specifies the rules and procedures for decisions making in every affair of the corporate. Moreover, governance is a mechanism for monitoring the practices, policies and decisions of corporations that involve in the alignment of interests among the stakeholders. Trainings in this area deal with various financing, investing, governance and related issues of corporations. The training aimed to acquaint trainees with (a) fundamentals of corporate finance; (b) the principles and strategies of corporate finance and governance; (c) corporate financial strategies and control value; and (d) corporate value creation and control.

Content: The training will cover the following issues:

Topic 1: Basics of Corporate Finance and Governance

  • Scope of corporate finance and governance
  • Basics of proper corporate financial and governance
  • Rules and procedures for financial decisions
  • Alternative governance structure of corporations
  • Fundamentals of corporate capital and equity valuation
  • Internal and external corporate governance factors

        Topic 2: Corporate Financing and Governance Strategy

  • Corporate investment policies & strategies
  • Capital structure choice & corporate valuing
  • CAPM and its use in corporate finance
  • Strategies of corporate finance & governance
  • Constituents of good & poor corporate governance
  • Electing board of directors for corporate governance

Topic 3: Corporate Value Creation and Control

  •  Market for corporate valuation & control
    • Valuing stocks
    •  Mergers & takeovers
    • Corporate governance & value
    • Dividend policies and corporate value
    • Corporate risk management and value creation

Topic 4: Capital Structure and Budgeting

  • Interactions of investments & financing
  • Portfolio theories, returns, risks, & costs
  • Debt Financing and Modigalini-Miller theorem
  • Financial modeling for optimal capital structure
  • Valuing risky investment projects
  • Real world evidences and practices

 Topic 5: Practical Applications if any using software/excel

Target Group: The training is suited to a wide range of professions professional workers in Banks, Insurances, Corporations, Financial Researchers and Consultants, Financial Policymakers and Government Advisers.

Requirements: A minimum of BSc/BA degree in economics and related business fields. In addition, basic literate on financial policies and governances would be advantage.

Duration of the training: Five days

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