Education as a Means of Rural Transformation through Smooth Rural-Urban Migration: Some Evidences from Ethiopia

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Ethiopian Economics Association (EEA)
Seid Nuru Ali

This paper attempts to model the determinants of rural-urban migration in selected villages of Ethiopia. Income differential, one of the determinants of rural-urban migration, was calculated for each respondent from the predicted level of income that non-migrants would earn at destination if they were to migrate and the level of ‘reservation’ income of the migrants at origin. Income differential in the migration decision model is positive and significant lending support to the standard Harris-Todaro model. More interestingly, level of education is found to be significant in triggering rural-urban migration even after accounting for its indirect effect on migration through earnings. This may support the argument that education changes the preferences of individuals in rural villages in favour of public goods that are found in urban centers over cultural ‘status goods’ in rural areas

Corporate Author: Getnet Alemun & Ethiopian Economic Association/Ethiopian Economic Policy Research Institute
Publisher: Ethiopian Economic Association (EEA)
ISBN/ISSN: 978-99944-54-15-0
Primary Descriptors: Rural-urban migration

Secondary Descriptor: status goods, self selection

Geographic Descriptors: Ethiopia
Cataloge Date: 02/27/2013
Broad Subject heading: Education
Call Number: 330.963 PRO 2010
Serial Key Title: Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on the Ethiopian Economy
Publication catagory: International Conference
Content type: EEA Publication
Volume: II
Publication date: 2013-05-27 23:10:00
Forum or Discussion date: 2013-02-27 15:09:20
Place of publication: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Type of material: Book
Current frequency: Annualy
Author: Seid Nuru Ali

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