Extent and Determinants of Urban Poverty: anthropometric Analysis in Robe and Goba Towns

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Ethiopian Economics Association (EEA)
Bedaso Wakeyo

This study explores the extent of anthropometric poverty and its correlates in Robe and Goba towns in Bale Zone. It thoroughly looks at the nutritional status of children through different micro analytical techniques such as the Logit model and anthropometric analysis. Using height and weight measurements in children, the study explores the status of nutritional poverty of children and its correlates by using household survey data of 2011. Poverty measurement is based on indicators of nutritional intake of children like wasting, stunting and being underweight. These measures are different from traditional income/consumption measures of poverty because they capture wider dimension of poverty by identifying whether incomes are actually converted to household welfare outcomes. The result indicates that about 35 percent of children aged less than 5 years are stunted and about 16 percent of them are wasted while 28 percent are underweight. This means that the majority of the children faced long term malnutrition rather than short term exposure to risks and disturbances. Moreover, the study indicates that children from richer and more educated parents and having employed mothers are less exposed to nutritional poverty. Presence of a higher number of children under 5 in a family, frequency of illness of children from female headed households and older children lead to higher probability of being stunted and wasted. The lessons drawn from this study include: treating children from their early stages of growth, maternal care in addition to training and educating mothers, emphasis on female headed households to reduce child poverty and improving nutritional value of family meals which reduce nutritional poverty overtime.

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