Farmers’ Organisations in Africa: Lessons from Ethiopia, Kenya and Malawi

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Ethiopian Economics Association (EEA)
John Thompson

Farmers’ organisations (FOs) are increasingly being asked to play a central role in driving agricultural transformation processes in Sub-Saharan Africa, despite their mixed record of success. This paper draws on findings of a study of the roles, functions and performance of FOs in Ethiopia, Kenya and Malawi to suggest some principles and practices for supporting FOs in Africa. With often meagre resources and limited organisational and technical capacities, many FOs need external support to start-up and/or expand their operations. But striking the right balance between reliance on external and internal resources, between accountability and proactive leadership, between adaptive and effective governance and between over- and under-ambition is a challenge for all farmer-led groups. External support therefore needs to be well targeted, sensitive, consistent and, above all, patient if FOs are not to be yet another development disappointment. For this reason, we conclude by outlining some partnership strategies for supporting FOs in four key areas: (1) seed/input provision; (2) extension and education; (3) market access; and (4) advocacy and policy engagement

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