Food aid and its impact in Ethiopia

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Ethiopian Economics Association (EEA)
Abeje Teffera

This paper illustrates the historical evolution of food aid, its targeting practices and the impact it has in light of various variables. It also presents a review of food aid and other related policies in Ethiopia. The study was conducted in five regional states: Amhara, Oromiya, Tigray, Southern Nations Nationalities and Peoples and Somali regional states. The study employees survey, key informant, and focus group discussion to general the required data. This study has identified problems related with targeting practices, as well as the impact of food aid at both macro and micro levels. Although the food insecurity problem has been chronic for many years, interventions have been geared towards short-term solutions. Although the national Policy of Disaster prevention adopted in 1992 was designed to link relief efforts with development, by changing the mode of interventions and utilization of food aid resources, it has not been adequately practiced in many food insecure areas of the country and has not been well integrated with other essential polices and measures, such as reducing population growth rates to reduce pressure on agricultural resources

Corporate Author: Getnet Alemu and Edilegnaw Wale (Editor) & Ethiopian Economic Association/Ethiopian Economic Policy Research Institute
Publisher: Ethiopian Economic Association (EEA)
ISBN/ISSN: 978-99944-54-06-8
Primary Descriptors: Food aid

Secondary Descriptor: Poverty

Geographic Descriptors: Ethiopia
Cataloge Date: 02/27/2013
Broad Subject heading: Social Sector
Call Number: 330.963 PRO 2009
Serial Key Title: Proceedings of the Fifth International Conference on the Ethiopian Economy
Publication catagory: International Conference
Content type: EEA Publication
Volume: II
Publication date: 2013-12-27 23:09:00
Forum or Discussion date: 2013-02-27 15:02:14
Place of publication: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Type of material: Book
Current frequency: Annualy
Author: Abeje Teffera and Zinash Kefale

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