Globalization and Africa’s Development Agenda from the WTO to NEPAD

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Ethiopian Economics Association (EEA)
Said Adejumobi

The paper examines the impact of globalisation on Africa’s development agenda focusing on the politics of the international trade regime and the efforts of Africa to influence the process through promoting a new initiative at development. It unravels the linkage between the international trade regulating institutions-GATT/WTO and the nature of the international trade regime, the politics inherent in the activities of those institutions and the current stride by African countries to re-engineer their developmental process through the New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD).
The paper argues that central to Africa’s contemporary underdevelopment is the structure and politics of the international trade regime, which is defined by the nature of power relations in the international political economy. This trade regime in theory is of a free market ideology, but its politics and practice is of a structured and lopsided market determined by power relations. This limits the scope and share of Africa in world trade, reduces its income level, and retards its development. The extent to which NEPAD would be successful will depend largely on the extent to which it can promote an inward looking strategy of development that increases the scope for intra-Africa trade; develops factor inputs and facilitate the process of local industrialization, as a basis for re-engaging the global economy and improving Africa’s share of global trade

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