Income Strategies, Access to Infrastructure and services, and Welfare in the Highlands of Northern Ethiopia

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Ethiopian Economics Association (EEA)
Berhanu Gebremedhin

An understanding of the important income strategies of households and their determinants is important for the design of policies aimed at poverty alleviation. The choice of income strategies may depend on the comparative advantages in a given area, as determined by population density, market access, and agricultural potential. This study uses a data set from a survey of over 100 communities, 200 villages and 900 house holds in the highlands of tigray and Amhara in 1998/99 to identify important house hold income strategies and their determinants income strategies in the highlands of nor them Ethiopia remained pretty stable between 1991/and 1998/99in 1998/99 the most important primary activity of men (activity that takes the highest time) was cereal crops production, while that of women was household maintenance. Cattle or other ruminant livestock production was the time most important secondary activity of men in the highlands while primary activates of men did not differ by population density, market access or rainfall secondary activities ended to show some variation by these factors for example, in the Amhara highlands production of storable annuals other than cereals and small ruminant production were important secondary activity of men in the low rainfall areas while production of perennial tree crops was an important secondary activity in the high rainfall areas unlike the primary activities of men, primary activities of women showed marked difference by population density, rainfall and market access. Our results imply that poverty reduction strategies may need to take into account these differences in income strategy choices of households

Corporate Author: Alemayehu Seyoum … [et al.] (editor)
Publisher: Ethiopian Economic Association (EEA)
Primary Descriptors: Income Strategies

Geographic Descriptors: Ethiopia, Northern
Cataloge Date: 02/27/2013
Broad Subject heading: Poverty Alleviation
Call Number: 330.963 PRO 2005
Serial Key Title: Proceedings of the Second International Conference on the Ethiopian Economy
Publication catagory: International Conference
Content type: EEA Publication
Volume: III
Publication date: 2013-05-27 23:05:00
Forum or Discussion date: 2013-02-27 15:02:00
Place of publication: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Type of material: Book
Current frequency: Annualy
Author: Berhanu Gebremedhi & John pender

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