Irrigation Practices, State Intervention and Farmer’s Life-worlds in Drought-prone Tigray

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Ethiopian Economics Association (EEA)
Woldeab Teshome

This study is about irrigation practices, State intervention and the responses of farmers in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. The study examines two small-scale irrigation systems located in the drought-prone Tigray through an ethnographic method.
Although governments have been involved in the construction of irrigation infrastructure since the mid-1980s to mitigate drought and famine in many parts of Ethiopia, the responses of irrigators to such interventions have never been studied. This study documents the interfaces and social discontinuities between the live-worlds of irrigators and government bureaucrats embedded in irrigation management. The study shows that irrigation system management sits uncomfortably between government bureaucracies and water users. The central argument is that there is a need for irrigation systems on the part of the farmers, but the provision of irrigation and agricultural services does not dovetail effectively with the life-worlds of farmers

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Author: Woldeab Teshome