Participatory Pre-Extension and Demonstration of Newly Released Rust Tolerant and High Yielding Wheat Varieties: Experience of Eaapp in Arsi Zone, Ethiopia

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Ethiopian Economics Association (EEA)
Bedada Begna

Agriculture plays a great role in the Ethiopian economy in terms of its contribution to GDP, employment, and foreign exchange earnings, and its performance greatly influences the overall economic growth of the country. Sustained increase in agricultural production and productivity depends largely on the development of new and improved varieties of crops and on an efficient system for timely supply. To support access of new and improved technologies developed by EIAR, EAAPP contributed towards the improvement of wheat production and productivity in Ethiopia through participatory pre‐extension demonstration and dissemination of improved wheat technologies with the participation of farmers and other takeholders in wheat growing districts of Arsi zone. EAAPP aims at demonstrating and disseminating wheat technologies in target areas and enhancing farmers’ and agricultural development agents’ capacity in wheat production and management. Accordingly, about 164 farmers (60 in 2011/12 and 104 farmers in 2012/13 crop season) were included in the practice and 6.3 tons of wheat seed was supplied to the farmers together with the required information regarding the varieties characteristics and agronomic practices required to increase production and productivity. About 3% (5) of the participating farmers were female headed household heads. A total of 142 farmers and 66 DAs and SMSs got training as well 104 farmers and 43 Das and SMSs participated on farmers’ field days during the two seasons. From the total number of field day participants about 10% of them were female farmers. Awareness creation through creating show case for farmers in the form of field day visit enhance farmers, DAs, SMSs and others knowledge, skills and firsthand information about the introduced technology and stimulate for the speeding up of technology uptake/transfer and adoption. Demand for improved wheat seeds was developed among the farmers and non‐participant farmers showed interest to use the varieties in coming season. The participatory approach we followed and the informal seed supply system which bases the farmers’ tradition of seed exchange system is efficient and effective and it shortens the processes of seed availability to farmers and it should be strengthened in future.

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