Private Commercial Banks In Ethiopia

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Ethiopian Economics Association (EEA)
Muluneh Ayalew


In this paper the market structure of commercial banks in the economy is examined using the Herfindahl Index. The market is found highly concentrated especially in total assets and deposits towards public banks, especially the Commercial Bank of Ethiopia. The article has also tried to analyze cost efficiency of six private commercial banks operating in Ethiopia. The efficiency analysis is made using quarterly panel data from the first quarter of fiscal year 1997/98 to the second quarter of 2005/06 and employing the Stochastic Frontier Analysis. The cost efficiency result of the banks under review shows an improvement from time to time during the period. During the first two quarters of 2005/06 on average the banks were found producing for Birr 1.101 an output that can efficiently be produced for Birr 1.0. From the firm specific determinants of efficiency, size of banks (measured by total assets and branch network) and age are found negatively related while capital is found to positively affect efficiency of the banks

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