Proceeding of First International Conference on the Ethiopian Economy V III

Part I: Social Sector Issues


  1. Benefit Incidence of Public Sector Expenditures in Ethiopia: The Case of Education and Health (Michael Seifu)
  2. Positive Externalities to Investments in Education: The Case of Fertility and Contraceptive Use (Daniel Assefa)
  3. A Critical Description of the Accounting of Pension Contribution? Its Potential Benefits to the Ethiopian Programme of Social Security (Fassil Tassew)
  1. Socio-economic and Environmental Effects of Age Transition in Ethiopia: 1950 2000 (Tsegaye Tegenu)
  2. Che Economics of Education: Conceptual Frameworks (Kebede Tesfaye)
  3. Occupation Diversification in a Unitary Household Model: Evidence from Survey Data (Adugna Lemi)
  4. Social Capital: The Nexus of Human Capital, Spatial Organization and Institutional Arrangements
    (Berhanu Mengistu and Tigineh Mersha)