Proceeding of Second International Conference on the Ethiopian Economy V I

Part I: Growth and Development

1. The socio-economic impact of landmines: An overview (Adera Bekele)
2. Policy impact and regulatory challenges of micro and small enterprises
(MSEs) in Ethiopia
(Gebrehiwot Ageba and Wolday Amha))

3. Attending school, two “RS” and child work in rural Ethiopia
(Assefa Admassie and Arijun Singh Bedi)

4. The determinants of primary school enrolment in Ethiopia: Evidence from three
household surveys
(Julie Schaffner)

5. Africa in the age of globalization (M.H. Khalil Timamy)
6. The Ethiopian manufacturing sector: Structure growth and efficiency (Swamy P.G. and Padma)
7. Globalization and Africa’s development agenda from the WTO to NEPAD (Seid Adejumobi)
8. Economic growth and investment nexus in Ethiopia (Seymour Patterson)
9. Cooperation and cooperatives: Their roles in socio-economic development a
theoretical framework
(Tadesse Biru Kersmo)

10. The spread of economic doctrines in post-colonial Africa (Thandika Mkandawire).
11. Private sector development in Ethiopia: Particularly small business development
in Ethiopia (an entrepreneurial approach)
(Werotaw Bezabih)

Part I: Growth and Development


  1. Privatization and efficiency in the Ethiopian manufacturing industry (Worku Gebeyehu)
  1. The Ethiopian manufacturing sector: Competitiveness and the way ahead (Admit Zerihun and Getnet Alemu)


Part I: Speech


  1. African Regional Organisations and Economic Development (Abdella Bujira)
  2. The prospects for industrialization in Ethiopia (Ermyas Amelga)
  3. Judicial reform for harnessing economic growth and development (Getachew Kitaw)