Proceeding of Second International Conference on the Ethiopian Economy V III

Part I: Industry and Finance


  1. Problems and Prospects of Implementing VAT in Ethiopia (Abraham Tesfaye)
  2. On the Determinants of Domestic Saving in Ethiopia (Abu Girma Moges)
  3. Assessment on The Value Added Tax Implementation In Ethiopia (Arega Hailu)
  4. The Role of Official Development Assistance (ODA) in Economic Development: The Cases of South Korea and Ethiopia (Assefa Abebe)
  5. Governance, Economic Environment and International Competitiveness in Ethiopia: (Berhanu Nega and Kibre Moges)
  6. Causal Relationship between Economic Growth and Gross Domestic Savings:
    Case of Ethiopia.
    (Dawit sheggu)
  7. Tax Reform in Ethiopia & Progress to Date (Demirew Getachew)
  8. Contribution of Foreign Direct Investment to the Economic Growth of Sub-Sahara African Countries (Mekonnen Bekele)

Part II: Poverty Issues


  1. Is Good Economic Policy Good for the Poor? (Ali Abdel Gadir Ali)
  2. Local Perspectives on Poverty and Development (Belayneh Begajo)
  3. Elasticity of Urban Poverty with Respect to Growth and Distribution: Panel Data Analysis (Belayneh Begajo)
  4. Income Strategies, Access to Infrastructure and Services, and Welfare in the
    Highlands of Northern Ethiopia
    (Berhanu Gebremedhin)
  5. Economic Policy Reform and The Poor in Rural Ethiopia The case of ADA district (Genet Binyam Sado)
  6. Agricultural Growth and Poverty Reduction in Ethiopia (Getahun Tafesse)
  7. Social Fund and poverty Reduction with Reference to the Ethiopian Social Rehabilitation and Sevelopment Fund (ESRDF) (Melaku Bekele)
  8. Hunger, Poverty and Famine in Ethiopia: Mothers and Babies Under Stress (Philippa Bevan)


Part III: Political Issues


  1. Trends of Ethnic Conflicts in Post 1991 Ethiopia (Jalele Erega)
  2. Elite Consolidation, Peace, Development and Democracy (Tadesse biru kersmo)