Rural Land Certification and Land Related Investment: A Case Study of Two Rural Villages in the Amhara National Regional State, Ethiopia

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Ethiopian Economics Association (EEA)
Ermias Ashagrie

This paper provides some empirical evidence towards the effect of rural land certification on land-related investment; specifically on tree planting and terrace construction decision of small-holder farmers. An effort was made to quantify differences in land-related investments among those with or without certificate. Accordingly, 80 households, 40 households from cadastral registered Kebele and the other 40 from untitled kebele were interviewed using a pre-tested questionnaire. The study estimated the investment equation using Ordinary Least Square (OLS) and Probit model. The result indicates that land certification has insignificant effect on land-related investment-both in tree plantation and construction of terraces. The result seems contradictory with the conventional literature that shows tenure security accorded by land titling enhances farmers’ propensity to engage in land related investments. This is because the results show that farmers’ perception of tenure security is virtually similar in both Kebeles-in titled and untitled. In addition, in the context of the study area, where there is no property market and using land as collateral is prohibited by law, land titling may affect investment only through its assurance effect. Based on these results, the study proposed immediate solutions and urges future work that require rigorous examination whether other scenarios (privatization, long-term lease) works to enhance investment

Corporate Author: Getinet Alemu, Demirew Getachew (editors); Ethiopian Economic Association. Bahir Dar Chapter
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Author: Ermias Ashagrie and Hibret Belete
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