The Inflation – Economic Growth Nexus in Ethiopia

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Ethiopian Economics Association (EEA)
Aynalem Shita

In this study the relationship between inflation and economic growth in Ethiopia is examined. Moreover, the study explores the threshold level of inflation for the healthy functioning of the Ethiopian economy Co‐integration and error correction models were employed accompanied by correlation matrix and Granger Causality test using annual data set on real GDP and CPI data for the period of 1974/75 to 2009/10 from MoFED, NBE and CSA. The empirical evidence demonstrates the existence of a statistically significant long and shortrun negative relationship between inflation and economic growth in Ethiopia. Moreover, it is also found a 4‐percent threshold level (i.e., structural break point) inflation rate above which inflation would likely to adversely affect economic growth. Therefore, controlling moderate inflation should be the main goal for policymakers in Ethiopia.

Corporate Author:Getnet Alemu, Worku Gebeyehu , Demirew Getachew (Editors) & Ethiopian Economic Association (EEA)
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Author: Aynalem Shita