What Can Ethiopia Learn from African Countries Stock Markets?

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Ethiopian Economics Association (EEA)
Henok Abadi Gebreyohannes

This paper was aimed at drawing lessons what Ethiopia from African countries’ stock market. Thus the main objective of the study is focused on examining and assessing lessons regarding the experience of already developed stock markets sampled from 11 African countries from 1991-2012. Both descriptive and econometric analyses have been used in the descriptive analysis; the experiences of the sampled African stock markets have been explored regarding institutional, traditional and asset pricing characteristics. On the other hand, three econometrics models, namely panel data, dynamic panel data and Unrestricted Vector Auto regression (VAR) were used. The models attempted to show economic benefits of developing a stock market on the growth of Africa collectively and specifically on Ethiopia’s simulated growth model. The findings of the study show the ability of stock markets to enhance the effectiveness of investments, through which its effect extends to growth. This was evident from the econometrics results where stock market development had enhanced investment positively. Nevertheless their indirect impacts on growth were negatively associated due to stock market variables fluctuation (as explained by market capitalization ratio, shares traded and turnover ratio). Inefficient operation and management of the sampled African stock markets had negative contributions to growth. Finally the study advocates the establishment of stock markets in Ethiopia. However they should establish to function with operational and administrative efficiency in order to be sustainable.

Publisher:Ethiopian Economics Association (EEA)
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Author: Henok Abadi Gebreyohannes
Conference date:July 16 to 19, 2014

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