Analysis of Cross-sectional Data

Description: This training is aimed at equipping the participants with the knowledge and skills to undertake research using cross-sectional datasets. The training will provide fundamental theories, concepts, tools and techniques of research using practical examples. This training devotes mainly on practical and also comply the theoretical knowledge. The training will enhance the knowledge and skills on both quantitative and qualitative methods of research analysis. The training will introduce the trainee with basic conceptual, methodological and analytical issues by applying the cross-sectional real datasets using SPSS, STATA and NVivo software’s.

Content: The training covers the following topics:

Topic 1:  Introduction

  • Research Idea to Researchable Problem
  • Research Questions
  • Hypotheses and Objectives

Topic 2:  Research Approaches & Design

  • Cross-sectional Research Approaches
  • Cross-sectional Research Design

Topic 3: Sampling                  

  • Sampling Methods
  • Sample Size Determinations
  • Sources of Error in Sampling and Measurement

Topic 4:  Data Collection in Research

  • Quantitative Data Collection 
  • Qualitative Data Collection

Topic 5:  Data Analysis Using Cross-sectional Datasets

  • Quantitative Data Analysis  
  • Qualitative Data Analysis
  • Practical  Exercises 

Target Group: The training is suited to researchers, students, academia or any other professional people working in the private sector, government institutions, research institutions and NGOs.

Requirements: A minimum of BA/BSc degree in economics and other related discipline.

Duration of the Training: Five days

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