Dialogue Forum

Objective and Activities

The Ethiopian Economics Association has the culture to organize different panel discussions series under our Dialogue Forum for the past three decades. These series include Vision 2020 and Transforming Ethiopia: Big Goals and Big Upheavals are the majors covered different sector specific agendas to discussed through the public dialogues in the past. While the outbreak of COVID-19 makes to interrupt the organization of the public dialogue forum in the year, following the protocol to protect the pandemic, the forum will continues in the year 2021. When the public dialogue forum organizing, different panelists were drawn from government, private sector, and academia/research institutes to covers different perspectives of the professionals. The next public dialogue forum will deal with the thematic areas such as:

  1. Performance and Industrial Organization of the Manufacturing Sector in Ethiopia
  2. Investment and Ease of Doing Business in Ethiopia: Implications for Economic Development
  3. Export Performance and Structural Problems in Ethiopia
  4. Structural Transformation and Economic Development in Ethiopia: Pathways and Challenges