Dr. Howard White, from Anzhou University of Oxford made Presentation on E2A Conference held at the EEA

Dr. Howard White, Director of Global Development Network and Lanzhou University made presentation titled “The Road to Nowhere: Building the Evidence Architecture for Recovery and Resilience” on E2A conference and exhibition on July 27, 2023.

In his presentation Howard White argued that evidence should be used in policy and practice and that an evidence revolution is underway. He stressed the importance of evidence-based for effective decision-making. Howard also presented a simple framework for risk reduction, which involves hazard, exposure and resilience. He evaluated the application of the framework in the context of the first wave of new public management and results. Howard further emphasized the importance of rigorous impact evaluations, including randomized controlled trials, to measure the impact of interventions. He also discussed the third wave of the evidence revolution, which involves summarizing bodies of evidence through systematic reviews and evidence gap maps.

Finally, Howard White encouraged policymakers and practitioners to join the evidence revolution and to use evidence to inform policy and practice in building resilience and promoting recovery in developing countries.

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