Dynamic Global Trade Analysis Project(GTAP)

Description: The purpose of this training is to introduce trainees to dynamic economic analysis. This training is designed to provide participants with comprehensive hands-on training using software tailored to perform analysis using dynamic recursive models. Participants will interact with economists who use dynamic models to address global trade and environmental issues. The ultimate goal of this training is for participants to be able to run and analyze their own dynamic simulations.

Content: The training will cover the following topics:

Topic 1: Overview of GTAP

  • Software installation
    • Training motivation
    • Baselines for Dynamic CGE Models

Topic 2: Overview andIntroduction to RunDynam

Topic 3: Overview of the GTAP Data Base

Topic 4: Overview of GTAP Models and Simulation

Topic 5:  GTAP & Baseline Aggregation Utility

Requirements: A minimum of BA/BSc degree in economics and related fields. In addition, exposure to analytical software packages such as STATA is required. The trainer should bring personal laptop computer.

Duration of the Training: Seven days

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