EEA Organized a Consultative Workshop on Indexing Multidimensional Development on 16th of March 2023

Ethiopian Economics Association (EEA) has organized a half-day consultative workshop on a new project titled ‘Indexing Multidimensional Development (IMD)’. The main purpose of the project is to introduce a new development indicator named Multidimensional Development Index for ranking countries.  

The project has two major components. The first component, ‘Global Multidimensional Development Index (GMDI), which aims to develop a unique multi-dimensional development index for about 137 developing and transition economies of the world. The index is designed to have three dimensions (socioeconomic development, democratic governance, and crosscutting indicators) and 12 pillars. The second component, ‘Ethiopia Multidimensional Development Index (EMDI)’ is to develop a unique measure of multidimensional development for the nation and different regional states of the country. The index has six dimensions and 14 pillars. 

A total of 30 individuals from AfDB, UNICEF, the Irish Embassy, International Growth Center, Addis Ababa Universities, Ministry of trade regional integration, and the EEA staff attended the workshop.

Professor Mengistu Ketema, the CEO of the EEA has made welcome speech. In his speech, he debriefed the major activities and institutional capacity of the EEA. Prof Mengistu also acknowledged the partners, the project team, and the EEA staff for devising such an essential grand project. Following the welcome remark, Dr. Amdissa Teshome, President of the EEA has made an opening speech. In his speech, Dr. Amdissa thanked all the research team who devoted their time and energy to devise such a unique project on ‘Indexing Multidimensional Development”. Dr. Degye Goshu from the EEA and Dr. Tadele Ferede from Addis Ababa University were the project team members who have made presentations on the IMD project. Dr.  Tewodros Makonnen, the EEA Executive committee member and EJE editor in Chief moderated the workshop effectively.

Appreciating the project idea, the workshop participants have raised questions and provided their views and concerns on how to secure fund for the project, and the two presenters have reflected on the concerns raised. Having valuable feedbacks from the participants, Dr. Amdissa, kindly appreciated all the research team and stakeholders who took part on the workshop and closed the session.

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