EEA Organized Political Parties Debate on Economic Issues-Round 2

Ethiopian Economics Association in collaboration with Fana Broadcasting Corporate organized three rounds of political parties debate on Economic Issues of the country. Alternative economic policies on Macro-Economic issues, gender and women economic policy, land and Agriculture policy were covered during the debates. The first round debate was broadcast on 01 May 2021 at Fana Television.

To watch the second debate, follow this link:

ምድብ ሁለት፡1.የኢትዮጲያ ዜጎች ለማህበራዊ ፍትህ ፓርቲ 2. የኢትዮጲያ ሶሻል ዲሞክራቲክ ፓርቲ 3. ብልፅግና ፓርቲ

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