Gender Analysis

Description: The training covers contemporary topics in the area of gender including gender analysis in mainstream and feminist economics, gender relations in household and labor market, demand for care and its role in enhancing female labor market participation, and gender from macroeconomic perspectives. The training is supported with practical illustrations and case studies that give trainees firsthand experience.

Content: The training will cover the following topics:

Topic 1: Introduction to Gender Analysis in Economics and Feminist Economics

  • Gender as a Social Construct
  • Intersectionality of Gender, Class, and Race/Ethnicity
  • Economics as a Socially Constructed Discipline
  • Feminist Economics and its Challenges to Mainstream Economics
  • Feminist Economics and its Contribution

Topic 2: Gender Relations in Households

  • Feminist critique of New Household Economics (NHE)
  • Measuring household bargaining power
  • Household resources, decisions and gender

Part 3: Gender Relations in the Labor Market

  • Changing conditions of the labor market
  • Gender gaps in participation in the labor force: paid and unpaid employment, and wages
  • Sectorial and occupational gender segregation

Topic 4: Demographic Change and Demand for Care

  • Defining and Measuring Care
  • Estimating Unpaid Care Sector
  • Paid Caregivers and the Market for Care
  • Social, Labor and Care Policies
  • Labor market policies.
  • Unpaid care and domestic work
  • Estimating Paid Care Sector

Topic 5: Gender, Care and Macroeconomics

  • Introduction
  • Gender, Care and Macroeconomics: Growth and Distribution

Target Group: The training is suited to researchers or consultants, policy makers.

Requirement: A minimum of BA/BSc degree in economics and related discipline with background in labor market theories is important. Participants also expected to bring their personal Laptop.

Duration of the Training:  Five days

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