International Conferences

Objective and Activities

Organizing different rounds of the workshops and conferences are one of the objectives of the Ethiopian Economics Association(EEA). The international conference is one of the most important discussion forums that EEA organizes annually to provide fora for the discussion of economic issues and to contribute to the economic advancement of the country. In the past, EEA has been successful in organizing about 11 national and 17 international conferences where economic issues have been discussed extensively.  Each conference was scheduled to organized every third week of July in each year. The next 18th international conference on the Ethiopian Economy will be held from July 20-21, 2021, Addis Ababa Ethiopia. The call for paper announcement was open and posted on the website.

The Ethiopian Economics Association a long history in organizing Annual Conferences where research papers on the Ethiopian Economy were presented. Starting from the format of the national conference was scaled up to an international conference on the Ethiopian Economy to enable the participation of international participants working on Ethiopia. Accordingly, ten International Conferences have been organized during the last one decade.

The research papers that has been presented at the International Conference are interdisciplinary and prepared by individual researchers and partner institution such on IFPRI, EDRI, USAID/HSFRP, EPPIICA, UNDP, Young Lives Ethiopia, PANE, FSS, WP, UNCEF, etc. These Conferences were attended by policy makers, NGO representatives, experts from government ministries and other organizations, academicians and researchers from different universities, international organizations, etc. On the average, more than 80 papers were presented and more than 400 participants attended each of the conference.