Keynote Speech at the EEA’s 20th International Conference

H.E. Professor Berhanu Nega, Minister of the Ministry of Education, made an impressive keynote speech at the EEA’s 20th international conference held from July 21-22, 2023 at the EEA’s multipurpose conference hall. In his speech, H.E Prof Berhanu focused on the need to strengthen the contribution of professionals to the country’s economy. His Excellency also underlined that ‘Intellectual class is missing in action’ in Ethiopia, and urged the necessity to create and re-generate a more vibrant intellectual environment. He also stressed that ‘Academics is working in a complex and confused global environment’ by which we are living in a period of ideological barriers and a rapidly changing technology. Furthermore, Prof. Berhanu has underscored the need to fit into the international system; but not in a ‘business as usual’ manner.

In his address, Prof. Berhanu proposed the need to establish a national research fund, rather than being driven by the interests of funders. He also emphasized that professionalism, integrity and independency should be taken seriously as the core values of professional associations.

Finally, his Excellency Prof. Berhanu explained the recent effort at Ministry of Education on reforming the Ethiopian higher education system and creating space for intellectuals to think freely without interference from the government and other parties.  Prof Berhanu has motivated young economists to closely follow and understand what the MOE is currently undertaking in terms of ensuring quality of education and implementing the autonomy of universities in Ethiopian higher education institutions.

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