Project Monitoring and Evaluation

Description: The project Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) trainings training is a comprehensive program that covers the standards and procedures for results-based monitoring and evaluation for end-to-end project lifecycles. It will help to participants with competences in setting up and implementing results-based monitoring and evaluation systems. The participants will benefit from the latest M&E philosophies and practices including the results and participatory approaches.

Content: The training will cover the following issues:

Topic One: Introduction

  • Definition of monitoring and evaluation
    • Why monitoring and evaluation is important
    • Key principles and concepts in M&E
    • M&E in project lifecycle
    • Participatory M&E

Topic Two: Design of Results in Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Monitoring program’s process and outcome
  • Impact, outcomes, outputs and activities
  • Outcome monitoring vs. impact assessment
  • Outcome evaluation and monitoring
  • Measuring outcome
  • Perspectives of program process monitoring
  • Results framework
  • Standards in M&E

Topic Three:  M&E Indicators

  • Indicators definition
  • Indicator metrics
  • Linking indicators to results
  • Indicator matrix
  • Tracking of indicators

Topic 4: Project Performance Evaluation

  • Process and progress evaluations
  • Evaluation research design
  • Evaluation questions
  • Evaluation report Dissemination

Topic 5: Logical Framework and Theory of Change

  • Design of logframe
  • Risk rating in logframe
  • Horizontal and vertical logic in logframe
  • Using logframe to create Activity and Budget schedules
  • Overview of theory of change
  • Developing a theory of change
  • Theory of Change vs Log Frame

Topic 6: Schedules              

  • Overview of theory of change
  • Developing a theory of change
  • Theory of Change vs Log Frame

Target Group: The training is suited to project managers, M&E specialists, researchers .project coordinators; programme managers; independent evaluators; Consultants, private sectors, donor staff appraising and evaluating projects and programs.

Requirements: A minimum of BA/BSc degree in economics and related business disciplines.

Duration of the Training: Five days

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