Public Finance and Policy

Description: This training is intended to acquaint trainees to the theories and applications of fiscal policies for managing public finance related issues. It is particularly aimed to (a) introduce trainees to the nature of public finance; (b) review the theories of market failure and the need for government intervention; (c) describe the nature and need for provision of pubic goods; (d) acquaint trainees with the theories, applications, policies, and optimization of public resource mobilization through fiscal policies; and (e) describe methods of combating macroeconomic problems.

Content: The training covers the following topics: 

Topic 1: Fundamentals of Public Finance and Policy

  • Nature of public finance
    • Private and public goods
    • Rationales for state intervention
    • Nature and quality of public sector interventions
    • Fiscal policy and inclusive growth
    • Public debt and deficit financing

Topic 2: Market Failure and Governments Intervention

  • Concept of market structure
  • Indicators of market failure
  • Government budget and expenditure
  • Time of government intervention

Topic 3: Major Economic Problems

  • Micro Vs Macroeconomic problem
  • Concepts of Unemployment and Inflation
  • Concept of Economic growth

Topic 4: Public Policies

  • Type of public policies
    • Economics of taxation
    • Types of taxation
    • Economic effect of tax
    • Taxation, and savings and investment
    • Economic effect of expenditure change

Topic 5: Economics of Public Expenditure

  • Capital and recurrent expenditure
    • Economic growth and public expenditure
    • Budget deficit and public expenditure
    • Foreign debt and public expenditure

Topic 6: Practical Applications if any using software/excel

Target Group: The training is suited to researchers, students, policy analysts, practitioners, private researchers and consultants.

Requirements: A minimum of BA/BSc degree in economics, business and development and related discipline. In addition, basic understanding of micro and macroeconomics concepts is required for the training. 

Duration of the Training: Five days

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