Research Proposal and Report Writing

Description: This training provides trainees with the skills and tools needed to write a strong scientific research proposals and research reports. Trainees will understand the significance of writing research proposals and reports, and the major components of research proposals and reports. Trainees will also be acquitted with technical aspects of writing proposals and reports and key issues to be considered and pitfalls to be avoided while writing these scientific documents. The training is organized into open lecture sessions, practical interactive sessions, and sample display cases.

Content: The training will cover the following topics:

Topic1: Introductory issues

  • Definition of Research
  • Reasons for doing Research
  • The research processes
  • Identification of research topic
  • Defining and formulating a research problem
  • Setting research questions and objectives

Topic 2: Writing Scientific Research Proposal

  • Purpose of writing proposals
  • Basics of proposals
  • Types of proposals
  • Components of a research proposal
  • Key considerations in proposal writing

Topic 3: Writing Scientific Research Reports

  • Purposes  and types of research reports
  • Components of a scientific report
  • Scientific research presentation style and English
  • Citations and references
  • Communicating science to non-scientific audiences
  • Publishing ethics and intellectual property rights
  • Getting research reports published (publication outlets)

Target Group: This training is suitable for all mid- and senior-level professionals including researchers, research directors and managers, coordinators. In addition, professional’s working in research monitoring and evaluation and research policy making at governmental, non-governmental institutions, and Civil Society Organizations.

Requirements: A minimum of BA/BSc degree in economics and related discipline with basic skills of software requirement.

Duration of the Training:  Five days

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