Resource Mobilization, Tax Administration and Gap Estimation

Description: The training will broaden participants’ knowledge and skill in designing, administering, and monitoring of a modern tax system. It will help the participants to estimate the revenue potential, identify the tax bases, and assess the tax administration capacity. It will also serve to assess and enhance the revenue collection capacity of a region or a country. At the end of the training, the participants are able to estimate the tax and non-tax revenue potentials;  and  estimate the revenue gap at district, regional and national level;  forecast the tax revenue of the regional states or city administrations or the country; assess tax payers perception towards tax policies, regulation, procedures and administration in the region; assess the practices, challenges and prospects of revenue collection and tax administration in the study areas; and identify the determinants of tax revenue collection inefficiency in the region.

Content: The training will cover the following issues:

Topic 1: Introduction

  • Over view of tax collection, management administration and gap estimation
  • Theoretical underpinnings of tax policymaking
  • Experiences of tax policy making in developing strategies

Topic 2: Tax Life Cycle

  • Tax estimation and decision
  • Tax collection
  • Tax management practices
  • Tax administration
  • Tax audit and litigation

Topic 3: VAT Gap Estimation Model

  • VAT gap modeling framework
  • Measuring actual VAT and constructing the potential VAT bas
  • Running the model, interpreting the results, and troubleshooting.

Target Group: The training is suited to a wide range of professions working in business sector, government, non-government, and private sectors. In addition, research analysts working in the area of public finance, staffs of federal and regional revenue and finance bureaus, consultants and anyone interest in the topic.

Requirement: A minimum of BA/BSc degree in economics, business, leadership, tax and related business disciplines.

Duration of the Training: Five days.

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