The EEA in Collaboration with CMI Held a Situation Analysis Workshop

The Ethiopian Economics Association (EEA) in collaboration with Construction Management Institute (CMI) has held a situation analysis workshop on April 4, 2023, at the EEA conference room. On the event, Professor Mengistu Ketema, the CEO of the EEA has made a welcome speech. In his speech, Prof. Mengistu Ketema has highlighted the mission and major activities of the EEA to the participants. He also thanked the CMI for building trust on the EEA and financing the project. Prof Mengistu Ketema has also confirmed the EEA’s firm commitment to maintain the research quality and deliver the research activities as per the agreed contract.

Following the welcome speech, Engineer Tamirat Mulu, director general of the CMI, has made an opening remark. Appreciating the contributions of the Ethiopian Construction Industry (ECI) for the national GDP of the country, Eng. Tamirat Mulu has explained the mandates, achievements, and successes of the CMI since its establishment. He has also appreciated the EEA for accepting the CMI’s offer and being part of this historical initiative.

Dr. Adem Feto from the EEA has presented an overview of the project to the participants. The CMI project team member, Dr. Ermias Engida, has made presentation focusing on macroeconomic aspect of the CI and the Ethiopian economy. Dr. Denamo Addissie has also made a presentation on the situations of the technical perspectives of the ECI.  Mr. Zewdu Tefera has also made a similar presentation on the legal aspects of ECI. The last presentation was made by Dr. Tsegaye Mulugeta on creating the Sustainable, Productive, Equitable, Decent and Developmental (SPEDD) construction industry jobs.

The workshop participants have greatly acknowledged the EEA research team for performing such substantial job and organizing the situation analysis workshop within a short period of time. The participants have also provided positive feedbacks that enhance the quality of the research and strengthen collaboration between the EEA and CMI. Dr. Degye Goshu, director for Research and Policy Analysis at the EEA moderated the discussion.

In the closing session, Professor Mengistu Ketema has expressed his gratefulness for having the CMI officials and for fully attending the whole event despite their busy schedule. Finally, Prof. Mengistu has indicated the EEA’s willingness to further strengthen the cooperation between the EEA and CMI by signing the MOU.

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