The EEA in Collaboration with OPDC held Validation Workshop

The Ethiopian Economics Association (EEA) in collaboration with Oromia Planning and Development (OPDC) held a validation workshop on Human Development Index (HDI) report, Saving and Investment Dynamics, Rural Out-migration; and Inflation in the Oromia Region.

The main objective of the workshop was to review, enrich and validate the findings of the research in the presence of relevant stakeholders. A total of 60 participants including the regional planning and development bureau heads of all regions, cabinet (bureau heads) of Oromia region, directors and senior experts of the region have attended the workshop.

Dr. Abdulaziz Dawud, the Oromia Region Planning and Development Commission Commissioner has made a welcome remark. In his remark, Dr. Abdulaziz has explained that his office has commissioned the above four research activities to the EEA. He also appreciated the EEA for conducting the research activities with the required quality standards within a short period of time. Following Dr. Abdulaziz’s remark, Dr. Amdissa Teshome, the president of the EEA has made a welcome speech. In his speech, Dr. Amdissa has thanked the EEA team for undertaking the research activities. Dr. Amdissa has also thanked Oromia regional state Planning and Development Commission for giving the chance and inviting the EEA to carry out the research activities.

H. E. ato Awolu Abdi, vice president of the Oromia Regional State and the guest of honor has made an official opening speech. In his speech, ato Awolu Abdi has explained the commitments of the national government and the Oromia regional government to sustain peace, security and economic growth. He also requested the EEA to support the government’s effort through providing evidence-based research outputs. His excellency ato Awolu has also expressed his gratefulness to the EEA for undertaking such valuable research. He has confirmed that the Oromia regional government is ready to implement policy recommendations of the research, and confirmed the regional government’s commitment to closely work with and support the EEA.

Following the opening speech, two presentations and discussions were made in the morning session. The HDI report in the Oromia region was presented by Dr. Adem Feto from the EEA. Following that, a presentation on Saving and Investment Dynamics in the Oromia Region was made by Dr. Abebe Ambachew, an EEA member. In the afternoon session, Dr. Semeneh Bessie and Dr. Agega Shumetie have presented on rural out migration, and inflation in Ethiopia, respectively. After presentations, participants have raised pertinent comments, suggestions and questions which were reflected by the presenters. Dr. Andulaziz Dawud, has effectively moderated both the morning and the afternoon presentations and discussions.

Prof Mengistu Ketema, the CEO of the EEA has made a closing remark. In his remark, Prof Mengistu has introduced the newly launched EEA’s Multidimensional Development Index (MDI) project and the revised structure of regional chapters. Prof Mengistu Ketema also requested the regional planning and development bureau heads to collaborate with the EEA and provide financial and administrative support for successful implementation of the project.

Finally, Prof Mengistu has thanked the research team, the participants for their valuable comments and active participation, especially all the regional higher officials for their commitment in attending the whole session of the event. He also appreciated the Oromia Planning and Development Commission for financing the research and the workshop.

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