The EEA in collaboration with UNICEF conducted validation workshop in Bahir Dar

The Ethiopian Economics Association (EEA) held a validation workshop on domestic resource mobilization potential of the Amhara region on June 9, 2023 in Bahir Dar at Naky Hotel. The main objective of the workshop was to present and validate the findings of the research in the presence of regional government officers and key regional stakeholders. A total of 33 participants from regional offices, regional chambers of commerce and sectoral associations, financial institutions, and the private sector have attended the workshop.

The workshop was started with an introductory remark made by Dr. Semeneh Bessie, Director for Partnership and Communication of the EEA. In his speech Dr. Semeneh has introduced EEA at a glance to the participants and highlighted possible areas of collaboration with the Amhara regional state. He also thanked Bahir Dar University staff (who carried out the study), the participants and UNICEF Ethiopia for financing the research and the validation workshop.

Dr. Tsega Tibebu, the Amhara regional state revenue bureau head has made a welcome remark. Dr. Tsega, in this remark, thanked the EEA for conducting the research on domestic resource mobilization potential of the region and requested for a more detailed and comprehensive revenue potential of the region that would help the region in its future revenue mobilization plan. Following the opening addresses, Dr. Tilahun Mahare, the Amhara regional state finance and economic development bureau head and the guest of honor has made an opening speech. In his speech, Dr. Tilahun has also appreciated the EEA for conducting the study and organizing the event. He also requested the EEA to strengthen its regional chapter in the Amhara region.

A presentation on the research findings of Domestic Resource Mobilization Potential of Amhara Region was made by Dr. Surafel and Mr. Belaynew. Following the presentation, extensive discussion was made based on questions and comments raised by the participants.

Finally, Dr. Semeneh has made a closing remark. In his remark, he thanked the research team for completing their research work in a short period of time, and participants for their valuable and active comment, and the regional higher officials for their commitment in attending the whole session of the event. He also appreciated UNICEF Ethiopia for financing the research and the event.

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