The EEA Management has held Discussion with Singapore Delegates

The Ethiopian Economics Association (EEA) has held discussion with Singapore delegates on the current State of the Ethiopian Political Economy. Ambassador of the Republic of Singapore to the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia is Mr A Selverajah and and Arvind Ravindran, Country Officer of South Africa and Director of Sub-Saharan Africa (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Singapore) have discussed with the EEA management.

Prof. Mengistu Ketema (ECO of the EEA), Dr. Degye Goshu (Director for Research and Policy Analysis), and Dr. Semeneh Bessie (Director of Partnership and Communication) have explained the state of macroeconomic performance, private sector development, economic and political liberalization policies and initiatives, domestic conflicts and political instabilities, internal and external challenges and remedial measures, and the possibility of restoring peace and security for realizing socioeconomic development aspirations of the country.

The two parties have also agreed to strengthen partnership and collaboration between them, and think tanks and other partners in Singapore.

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