The Ethiopia Economics Association (EEA) has held a Roundtable Discussion on GPI

The Ethiopian Economics Association (EEA) in collaboration with Development Initiative Poverty Research Limited, a company based in England and Wales with its Africa hub in Kenya has held roundtable discussion on July 06, 2023 at the EEA conference hall. The topic of the
presentation is the Quest for Global Public Investment (GPI): Redesigning Development Assistance in Ethiopia. The main purpose of the event was to create awareness, improve ownership and socialize the concept of GPI and its application in Ethiopia. Prof. Mengistu Ketema, the CEO of the EEA, has made a welcome and opening remarks. In his remarks, Prof Mengistu had debriefed the EEA’s recent deliberations in organizing similar events. Prof
Mengistu has also requested the roundtable participants to actively participate, contribute and freely debate on the concepts and practices of GPI in Ethiopia. He also thanked all the participants who joined us and Development Indicative for the financial support and interest to jointly localize the principles and values of GPI in Ethiopia. Mr. Stephen Chacha, Director of the Africa Hub of the DI has conveyed a message on the role of GPI in Africa particularly its relevance in Kenya.

Following the welcome and the opening speeches, Martha Getachew, Africa Lead for Delivery, Quality and Impact at DI has made presentation on Global and Regional Public Investment in Africa. Semeneh Bessie, Director of Partnership and Communication at EEA also made a presentation on “The Quest for Global Public Investment (GPI): Redesigning Development
Assistance in Ethiopia”. Following the two presentations, comments and suggestions were raised by participants. The event is a good opportunity to public sectors, private sectors, non-state actors, academia, donors, and mainstream and social media that would potentially enhance visibility, socialization and uptake of GPI in the country.

A total of 25 participants including the EU, ActionAid Ethiopia, USAID, AAU, PSI, DI, Political Parties joint council, University of Gondar, executive and advisory members of the EEA, and invited EEA members and staff have attended the event.

Dr. Amdissa Teshome, president of the EEA at the closing remark has underscored the relevance and timely engagement in the GPI, and the need to scale up similar discussions with senior government officials, CSOs and other relevant stakeholders. Dr. Amdissa finally thanked all stakeholders who contributed to the success of the event.

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