Agricultural Value Chain Analysis and Development

Description: This training enhances participants’ capacity to analyze value chains, identify systemic constraints, and design impactful value chain interventions. It will also enable participants to identify high-growth potential value chains, potential financing strategies, upgrading strategies, value chains that meet global safety and quality standards, principles and practices of value chain linkage management, and gender considerations in value chain. The training is taught through a mix of practical activities, theory, group works and case studies.

Content: The training will cover the following topics:

Topic 1: Introduction to Value Chain

  • Definition of value chain
  • Key concepts in value chain
  • Importance of value chain analysis
  • Principles in value chain
  • Value chain cycle
  • Building blocks of value chain: actors, supporters, and enablers

Topic 2: Value Chain Analysis

  • Introduction to value chain analysis
  • Key concepts in value chain analysis
  • Value chain analysis process (steps)
  • Mapping a value chain
  • Tools and techniques (methods) in value chain analysis
  • Case study: value chain analysis

Topic 3: Value Chain Development, Upgrading and Governance

  • Value chain development: important considerations
  • Challenges, opportunities, and intervention strategies
  • Value chain upgrading: types and considerations
  • Value chain governance and business ethics: importance, types, and principles
  • Analyzing value chain governance
  • Case study

Topic 4: Value Chain Financing

  • Introduction to value chain financing
  • Types of value chain finance
  • Instruments to promote agricultural value chain finance
  • Case study

Topic 5: Gender in Value Chains

  • Gender analysis in value chains
  • Integrating gender issues into value chain process
  • Constraints in gender integration in value chains 

Topic 6: Quality and Safety in Value Chains

  • Importance of quality and safety in value chains
  • Safety and safety standards
  • Standards in Global Value Chain (GVC)

Target Group: Potential participants include experts of organizations with a mandate to promote value-chain analysis, individual consultants and private firms currently working on value-chain development, government institutions, NGO staff, agribusinesses, and development practitioners and government policy makers working on value chain development.

Requirements: A minimum of BA/BSc degree in economics and related discipline with basic skills in Excel, SPSS, and STATA softwares. Participants also expected to bring their personal Laptop.

Duration of the Training:  Five days

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