Brainstorming was held on the “EEA’s 30 years book project.”

The Executive Committee (EC) of the EEA has initiated a book project that describes the EEA’s 30 year’s journey. As part of data collection of this project, the EEA staff has participated in a brainstorming session organized by Mr. Workneh Denekew (former executive committee member) of the EEA, the main author and Mr Demirew Getachew the Co-author of the book  on the ‘Organizational Culture, Leadership & Membership’ of the association on April 26, 2023 at the EEA meeting hall.

Prof. Mengistu Ketema, the CEO of the EEA has explained the objectives of the 30 year’s book project and its expected outcomes. To this end, Prof. Mengistu encouraged the EEA staff to continue providing relevant information to the book authors and contribute to the success of the project.

Following the introduction, Mr. Workneh Denekew introduced himself and his experience with the EEA in the past and his willingness to provide voluntary service as one of the book authors. The session triggered a discussion between the EEA management and core staff to understand and internalize the history of the association and the leaders’ commitment to advance economic science.

The discussion enabled the EEA staff to achieve the vision of the association and assess the current organizational culture and leadership style. The brainstorming session paved opportunities to collect data and identify challenges facing the association, and put the way forward. Finally, Prof Mengistu appreciated Mr. Workneh for his voluntary service, the methodology opted to collect the information, and the effort exerted to compile data on the organizational culture and leadership style of the EEA. Furthemore, Prof. Mengistu remined all the EEA staff to provide relevant information to the authors and contribute to successful accomplishment of the book project.

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