EEA has organized a half day workshop to Economics Departments

Dear EAA members,

The Ethiopian Economics Association (EEA) has organized workshop to establish Consortium of Ethiopian Economics Departments (CEED) on December 30/2021 at EEA’s Multipurpose hall, Addis Ababa Ethiopia. The main purpose of establishing the consortium is to create platform for CEED members where they share experiences and resources, forge collaboration, and create favorable environment for CEED members. A total of 43 participants gathered from 36 universities have attended the workshop. A welcome remark and overview on the workshop was delivered by Prof Mengistu Ketema, chief executive officer of the EEA. On the occasion, Prof Mengistu has expressed his gratitude for all universities who travel long distance and support the objectives of CEED. He also thanked Bill and Milenda Gates Foundation (BMGF) for the financial support. Dr. Semeneh Bessie, director for partnership and communication division has made presentation on the draft Terms of Reference (TOR) prepared by the EEA. The participants have raised questions and provided suggestions that improve the content, structure and the purpose of the draft TOR. The workshop was chaired by Dr. Amdissa Teshome, President of the EEA. In his closing remarks, Dr. Amdissa has advised the CEED members to start horizontal communication and bilateral collaboration among each other thereby contribute to the advancement of economic science in Ethiopian higher education system.

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