EEA has undertaken its General Assembly Meeting on 13 February 2021.

EEA has effectively undertaken its General Assembly (GA) meeting on 13th February 2021 at the EEA conference Hall, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. During the GA, Annual Report for the period July 2019 to June 2020, Annual Plan for the period July 2020 to June 2021, and External Auditor’s report were discussed, commented, and approved. Furthermore, a revised bylaw of EEA was also provisionally accepted with the expectation that members will send their comments on the revised/modified/added articles within two-weeks period.

Added to these, Executive Committee (EC) members were also elected in a very open and transparent procedures. Accordingly, the new EC members are the following:

  1. Dr. Amdissa Teshome (President of EEA)
  2. Mrs. Zinash Kefyale (Treasurer)
  3. Dr. Tewodros Mekonnen (re-elected Editor-in-Chief)
  4. Dr. Hailu Elias (re-elected EC member)
  5. Dr. Atnafu Gebremeskel (re-elected EC member)

In addition to these, the following two members will also continue as a member as they have additional one-year terms of service for the association.Mr. Fantahun Belew (Vice-President of EEA)Mr. Fantahun Belew (Vice-President of EEA)

6. Mr. Fantahun Belew (Vice-President of EEA)

7. Mrs. Etalem Engida (EC member)

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