EEA in Collaboration with ActioAid Ethiopia held Workshop

The Ethiopian Economic association (EEA) in collaboration with Action Aid Ethiopia (AAE) has organized a half day validation workshop on Women Economic Empowerment (WEE). Mrs Tinebeb Birhane, ActionAid Ethiopia country director has made an opening speech and warmly welcomed participants for their presence on this timely selected workshop. In her opening remark, Tinebeb has kindly requested the workshop participants to look the issues of women economic empowerment (WEE) beyond economic empowerment. Tinebeb also outlined some key challenges of WEE, and emphasized on the role of Government, NGOs and other stakeholders in addressing challenges of WEE. Following the opening remark, two research studies were presented. The first presentation was a review on existing literature on WEE and policy framework presented by Mr Amero Aazeze, from Haramaya University. The second empirical study was a baseline assessment study on gender data generation, presented by Dr. Worku Tufa, from Centre of Excellence International Council (CEIC). A total of 50 participants (27 female and 23 male) were gathered from Government, NGOs, and private sector have attended the workshop. The participants have raised questions, comments, and concerns on the two presentations, and responded by the two presenters. Dr. Degye Goshu, Research and Policy Analysis Director has chaired the presentations and moderated the discussion session. Prof Mengistu Ketema, CEO of the EEA has made concluding remarks and officially closed the workshop. In his closing remark, Mengistu has tanked all contributors for raising valuable thoughts that can help EEA and improve the quality of the researches. He also promised to carry out similar events in collaboration with partners. Finally, Mengistu tanked all participants for coming and their active participation. He also acknowledges ActionAid Ethiopia for sponsoring the study and co-organizing the validation workshop.

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