EEA in collaboration with Hawassa University has organized 10th regional conference on March 26, 2022

The EEA in collaboration with Hawassa University has organized 10th regional conference on the Southern Ethiopia Economic Development at Hawassa central hotel, Hawassa. The theme of the conference was Agriculture, Industry and Tourism for Sustainable Development. The main aim of the conference was to discuss and come up with potential evidence-based solutions for soeio-economic challenges of SNNP and Sidama regions. A total of 145 academicians and researchers attended the conference. Government officials including bureau heads, deputy bureau heads, policy advisers, and senior officers of the two regions also joined the conference.

Dr. Semeneh Bessie, partnership and communication director of the EEA has made a welcome address. In his address, Semeneh described an overview of the key achievements of EEA. He has also thanked Hawassa University for providing unreserved support and interest to strengthen future collaboration with EEA.

On the event, one panel discussion and six selected papers were presented. The topics of panel discussion was Inflation in Ethiopia: Causes, Costs and Policy Options. Dr. Arega Shumetie, senior researcher at EEA, Mr. Mubarek Awol, SNNP planning and development deputy bureau head, and Dr. Wogene Markos, dean of college of Business and Economics of Hawassa University were panellists. The discussion was chaired by Semeneh Bessie. Following panellists’ brief presentations, participants actively participated by raising important questions that were addressed by the three panellists.

Dr. Ayano Beraso, Hawassa University president has made an official opening speech. In this speech, Ayano has appreciated the EEA for timely selection of pertinent topic “inflation” for panel discussion and relevant scientific papers for the regional conference. According to him, inflation has become more serious than ever, shall be addressed by involving all the concerned stakeholders. He also confirmed to strengthen collaboration with EEA in the areas of research, training and other common areas of both institutions. Similarly, Dr. Ararso Geremew Sidama region finance and economic development bureau head recognized previous and present contributions of EEA in addressing socio-economic development challenges of SNNP and Sidama regions though scientific and evidence-based researches. During discussion and reflection session, Dr. Ararso has requested EEA to provide capacity building trainings to Sidama region on regional GDP preparation and other macro-economic issues.

Finally, Semeneh has made concluding remark and closing speech. In his concluding remark, Semeneh thanked Fredrich Evert Stiftung (FES) for co-organizing and covering full cost of the conference. He also appreciated paper presenters and all participants, and EEA-Hawassa chapter coordinators for successful organization of the conference.

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