EEA in Collaboration with Unity University Has Organized a Seminar on February 08,2022

The Ethiopian Economic Association (EEA), in collaboration with the Unity University (UU), has organized a seminar on current economic models and structural changes in Ethiopian economy at EEA’s multipurpose hall, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Dr. Lemma Gudissa, a vice president of the EEA has made a welcome speech. In his speech, Lemma has thanked the UU for the interest to co-organize seminar with EEA on Ethiopian Economy. He also confirmed EEA’s willingness to strengthen future collaboration with UU.

Dr. Arega Yirdaw, President of Unity University has made an official opening speech. In this speech, Dr. Arega highlighted that the aim of such seminar is to create exposure and opportunities to unity university students on various economic issues in Ethiopia. On the occasion Dr. Arega has pledged to become an associate member of the EEA, to cover registration fees of students in economics department of Unity University who are interested to join EEA as a student membership; and to cover registration/annual fees of UU staff who are interested to join EEA’ membership.

A total of 150 students, staff and higher officials of UU and EEA staff have attended the seminar. Two presentations were made by EEA staff. Dr. Semeneh Bessie, Partnership and Communication Director (PCD) of the EEA has presented on a topic “Rethinking Economic Model in Ethiopia: An alternative to Developmental State Model’. The presentation has emphasized on the past and present economic models of the country. Dr. Arega Shumetie, senior researcher at EEA, has also made a presentation on the state of Ethiopian Economy. Dr. Arega’s presentation has emphasized on economic performances and the current challenges of the Ethiopian economy. Following the presentations, participants were given the chance to raise questions. Participants actively participated by raising important questions that were addressed by the two presenters. The discussion was chaired by Mr Wossenseged Assefa, Unity University Media and external affairs officer. Prof Mengistu Ketema, Chief Executive Officer of the EEA, has made concluding remarks and closing speech. Mengistu thanked Unity University and EEA staff who contributed to the successful preparation of the seminar. He also invited all interested students and staff to become members of the EEA.

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