EEA in cooperation with the FES Held SEE Book Launching Workshop

The Ethiopian Economics Association in collaboration with FRIEDRICH EBERT STIFTUNG (FES) of Germany held the State of the Ethiopian Economy (SEE) book launching workshop on December 1st, 2022, at Inter Luxury hotel, Addis Ababa.
The theme of the book is “Land, Agriculture, and Finance in the Ethiopian Economy” presented in five chapters selected from among a number of research that the Association has undertaken over the last two years. The first chapter is about land and land related issue. The second chapter focuses on agricultural finance and insurance, and the third chapter deals with financial liberalization. The fourth chapter is about agriculture industry linkages. And the fifth chapter deals with gender and women economic empowerment. The book is expected to benefit policy makers, private sectors, academia and research, professional associations, and researchers. A total of 70 individuals and institutional representatives including the prime minister office, the house of people’s representatives, ministries, financial institutions, insurance companies, CSOs and NGOs, and EEA members, among others attended the event.

Professor Mengistu Ketema, the CEO of EEA has delivered a welcome address and opened the event. On the occasion, Prof. Mengistu briefed the participants on the major activities of EEA and also acknowledged FES for covering the cost of the workshop and publication of the book.
Prof Mengistu also thanked European Union’s Civil Society Fund III Scheme and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation who sponsored the research activities for the first four chapters and the fifth chapter, respectively.

Following the opening remark, Susanne Stollreiter, Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) Resident Representative at Ethiopia has delivered a message. In her speech, Susanne mentioned that FES appreciates the partnership with EEA and will continue to support such important events.

Dr. Mintewab Bezabih, Dr. Hailu Elias, Mr. Mohammed Beshir, Dr. Fetene Bogale, Dr. Birku Reta, Dr. Solomon Tsehay, Mr. Zewdie Adane, and Dr. Helen Berga were the main authors of the book. Dr. Degye Goshu, Dr. Lamessa Tariku, Dr. Abule Mehare, Dr. Adem Feto, Dr. Arega
Shumetie, Mr. Demirew Getachew, and Prof. Mengistu Ketema have also contributed as co- authors and editors of the book. Dr. Gezahegn Ayele, private consultant and Dr. Mesfin Menza from Arba Minch University were the book reviewers who reflected their views on the book.
Both reviewers appreciated the authors and the EEA’s effort for maintaining the quality of the book.

The Workshop participants invited from various institutions including the PM office and house of people’s representatives have also provided their feedbacks on the SEE book. Having valuable discussion, Dr. Hailu Elias, the EC member of EEA, has officially launched the book for use and delivered the book to selected institutional representatives. Finally, Prof Mengistu, thanked all stakeholders who take part in the success of the SEE book launching workshop.

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