EEA Offered Training on “Data Management and Analysis with Python”

The Ethiopian Economics Association (EEA) provided a five-day training on Python. The training was given from August 12-16, 2021. This training was specifically organized for Post graduate students. The training was conducted by Mr. Minda Belete from New York University Abu Dhabi who is currently working as an intern at EEA.

From a total of 200 training applicants, only 25 were selected based on their level of participation on the affairs of EEA. A welcome and opening remark was made by Dr. Degye Goshu, Director for Research and Policy Analysis of EEA.

The main aim of the training was to introduce trainees to the Python programming environment and prepare them to apply statistical techniques, information visualization, text analysis, and analytic techniques through popular python toolkits. The training was offered using the latest version of Python (Python 3.9); and Jupyter Notebook and syntax editors.

The training enabled trainees to extract tabular data, clean, manipulate, and run inferential statistical analyses; identify best practices in data visualizations; perform basic text mining and text manipulation; identify the difference between supervised (classification) and unsupervised (clustering) techniques; and identify which techniques they need to apply for a particular dataset. Certificate of recognition was delivered by Dr. Atnafu Gebremeskel, EC member of EEA to 21 trainees who successfully attended the training. Dr. Semeneh Bessie, Director, Partnership and communication had made a closing remark.

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