EEA Provided Training for Data Collectors in Amhara Region

The EEA provided training for data collectors on data collection instruments for research in the Amhara region on Domestic Resource Mobilization Potential of the Amhara region. The main objective of the study is to assess the domestic resource mobilization potential of the region (tax and non-tax revenues), identify the tax bases, and assess the tax administration capacity of the Amhara national regional state. The study is part of a collaborative project titled ‘Technical assistance for UNICEF on public finance analysis of child-focused budget utilization and social sectors’ between the EEA and UNICEF Ethiopia. The outcome of the study will help the regional government and its partners for designing effective and efficient resource mobilization strategies that help to address the adequacy, equity, and sustainability of public investments in the region.A total of 21 participants gathered from universities across the region attended the training. Dr. Semeneh Bessie, Partnership and Communication Director of the EEA has delivered a welcome address and opened the event. In his address, Semeneh thanked UNICEF Ethiopia for sponsoring the research. Dr. Surafel Melak, Dr. Kassie Dessie and Dr. Belaynew Belete from Bahir Dar University, and Dr. Yismaw Ayelign from Debre Tabor University had provided the training.Partnership and Communication Division

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