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EEA conducted a very successful press conference on April 27, 2022 titled The Ethiopian Economy: inflation, structural constraints, and policy options. About 25 media attended the briefing. The briefing started at 3:10 pm and concluded at 5:30 pm. Dr. Lemma Gudissa, the Vice President of EEA made opening remarks. This was followed by Dr. Degye Goshu, research and Policy Analysis Director’s presentation on the topic of the day.

After the presentation, Dr. Semeneh Bessie, partnership and communication director opened Q&A floor for journalists. Accordingly, 11 journalists took the opportunity to ask questions and provided constrictive comments. The questions focused on (1) the recommendation to establish a ‘supply and price stabilization board’, (2) the impact of the Russia-Ukraine war, (3) EEA’s stand on fuel and oil subsids, (4) EEA’s advice on current government expenditure and project priorities, (5) the effect of devaluation and import substitutions, (6) the effect of domestic/internal conflict and (7) effectiveness of the government monetary policies and financial liberalization, among others.

The panelists Dr/ Degye, Prof. Mengistu Ketema, CEO of the EEA, Dr. Tewodros Mekonnen, EJE editor in chief and Dr. Lemma Gudissa have addressed all the questions satisfactorily. Finally, Lemma made closing remarks, thanked the journalists for coming and requested them to broadcast the news in farer and transparent manner. EEA management has also evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of the press conference on April 29, 2022. The management hoped that the press conference would improve visibility of the EEA. You are also kindly invited to watch the press conference though the following links, and provide as feedback to PCD via

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