Message from the new CEO of EEA

Dear Valued Members and Partners,

It is really an honor and a privilege to be selected to lead such a prestigious association, the Ethiopian Economics Association, as a CEO.  I would like to thank the executive committee and all concerned for offering me this chance.

Since its establishment back in 1991, the Ethiopian Economics Association (EEA) has played important roles in addressing national economic issues and professional interests of its members. It has earned a good reputation at all times. This has been achieved because of its tireless and farsighted leaders (executive committee members, management members, and advisory committee members) and active participation and support of its members and partners.

In my view, EEA has been very capably led by the previous leaders. Now also, I am extremely happy that I will be working with a committed, dedicated, and hardworking team of leaders and a supportive partners and collaborators. 

The challenge ahead is, however, big and the expectations are high from all sides. We have to withstand the challenges and live up to the expectations. As you know, this is a time when the country’s economy and the livelihood of its people are threatened on several fronts. On the other hand, it is also a time when the country has undertaken a number of economic reforms. Consequently, there is no doubt that scientific evidences and inputs are needed from this prestigious association. It is now high time and excellent opportunity to showcase the EEA as a center for solutions and a driver for meaningful and positive economic change.  We will have to work hard to succeed and my team and I are ready to do so.

I wanted to share the news with our members and partners along with a little information about our focus as we move forward. We will strengthen our core activities (research, capacity building, dissemination of outputs, membership services, and organizing forums, workshops and conferences, among others) for positively influencing policies; increase and diversify our collaborators and funding partners; make our services accessible to members and stakeholders by strengthening EEA chapters; enhance participation of members in different activities; contribute to the quality of economics education in the country; and build internal capacities, among others.

We are committed to improve EEA’s services, both in terms of quality and quantity, working together with you, our members and partners. This is a great association made up of great people and I am confident that together we can emerge stronger and succeed.

Looking forward to working with you all!

Mengistu Ketema (Prof.)

CEO of the Ethiopian Economics Association


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