Panel discussion on Inflation Dynamics and Macroeconomic Stability in Ethiopia

EEA has organized a panel discussion and a General Assembly (GA) meeting on 30 th January 2021.

As the numbers of attendees were below the quorum requirement for the GA, only the panel discussion was held and the GA is postponed to be held on 13th February 2021.

The session was attended by EEA Executive Committee members, staff and over 140 members of the Association. For the indicated panel discussion, three presentations were made (one by the researcher, Dr. Atnafu Gebremeskel, and the other two by reviewers, Dr. Tewodros Makonnen and Mr. Mezgebu Amha.

  • The full version of the working paper on the indicated topic is available at this link.
  • The PowerPoint presentation can be viewed here.
  • YouTube streamed link available at here.

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