The EEA in Collaboration with CMI held Stakeholders Validation Workshop

The Ethiopian Economics Association (EEA) in collaboration with Ethiopian Construction Management Institute (CMI) held stakeholders validation workshop on October 24, 2023 at Jupiter Hotel, Addis Ababa. The tittle of the workshop is ‘Construction Industry, Employment and the Ethiopian Economy (CEE). The main objective of the workshop was to review, enrich and validate the findings of the research in presence of relevant stakeholders.

Dr. Lema Gudissa V/president of EEA made a welcome speech.  In his speech, Dr. Lemma debriefed the contributions of the EEA to the Ethiopian Economy. Dr. Lemma emphasized that the government should give due attention to address the current challenges of inflation, unemployment, peace and insecurity. He also appreciated the EEA for delivering the research as per the contract agreement, and the CMI for giving the chance and inviting the EEA to carry out the research.

Following Dr. Lema Gudissa’s speech, Eng. Tamirat Mulu Director General of the CMI made a welcome remark explaining that his office has commissioned research project to the EEA because of its reputability,  a long standing record in research and independency. He also acknowledged the EEA for conducting such high quality studies and finalizing the research activities within short period of time.

H.E. Eng. Wondimu Seta,  State minister of  Ministry of Urban and Infrastructure and the guest of honor made an official opening speech. In his speech, Eng. Wondimu Seta explained that the federal government is reforming the construction sector in such away the sector could better contribute to the country’s economic growth and development. His Excellency Eng. Wondimu also expressed his gratefulness to the EEA for undertaking such a high level quality researches. He also confirmed that his ministry is committed to strengthen collaboration with the EEA and implement policy recommendations of the research.

Following the opening speech, Mr. Ermias Engida made a presentation on Ethiopian Economy and Construction Industry Linkages for Economic Growth’. After his presentation, participants have raised pertinent comments, suggestions and questions which were reflected by Mr. Ermias. In the afternoon session, two presentations were made.  A presentation on ‘Ethiopian Economy and Construction Industry Linkages for SPEDD Employment’ was made by Dr. Tsegaye Mulugeta. Dr. Denamo Addissie made a presentation on Ethiopian Local Construction Companies Competitiveness’. Following the two presentations, participants have actively participated and contributed to key research findings, key performance Indicators (KPIs) and the Working System (WS).

H.E. Eng. Wondimu Seta,  State minister of  Ministry of Urban and Infrastructure made closing remarks. In his remark, Eng. Wondimu strongly emphasized the government’s firm commitment to implement the recommendations of the research as indicated in the working system. He also confirmed that a high level event will be organized to policy maker and higher officials, and requested the EEA to get the necessary preparation for presentations on the event. Finally, H.E. Eng. Wondimu Seta thanked the EEA, research team, and all the participants for their active participation, valuable comments and suggestions.

Dr. Degye Goshu, research and policy analysis director of the EEA has effectively moderated both the morning and the afternoon presentations and discussion.

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